Why you should not let your media censor you

The NHL has been in the news lately for the way they handled their first-round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On Monday, the league announced that they had banned social media platforms from broadcasting the series.

It is a move that was met with considerable criticism, with many claiming that it is just a smokescreen for NHL officials to make sure they have enough information to protect the players.

The commissioner himself called the decision “an abuse of power” and that he did not want to “bully” any players into staying quiet about their feelings about the series, which will begin on Thursday.

But the NHL has since been flooded with comments on Twitter and other social media outlets, including this tweet from the league’s social media account: “We’ve got a very strong message for players that the media has the right to report on the playoffs.

We’ve heard your concerns.

We’ll continue to listen.

We can’t dictate to you what you can or can’t say.”

Here’s a look at some of the most popular reactions.

ESPN’s Bob Ley: I don’t think it’s fair to call this an abuse of powers, or an attempt to bully.

It’s not fair to say that the league has the authority to ban a platform from broadcasting games.

If the commissioner wants to make a statement, he should do it.

The NFL has a stronger statement on the matter than the NHL does.

I can’t imagine what Commissioner Bettman is thinking by banning social media from broadcasting a game, given that he’s a commissioner who has had a lot of influence on the sport.

But if the NHL doesn’t want to have a major part in the next three years, it’s time to call a spade a spaniel.

We’re going to make the decision on our own, as the players, in our own way.

ESPN: This is a tough decision, especially given that the NHL’s social networks are already under fire for what some have called its anti-gay stance.

But I’m not really convinced it’s an abuse.

We don’t see it as an anti-social media thing, because I think that’s what the league is trying to do.

And in that respect, it may not be an abuse at all.

I think the league was looking at it as a way to make their social media network more relevant, which they’re already doing.

If they’re not going to put themselves in a position where the social media platform is the center of attention, then it’s not really an anti social media thing.

And, frankly, it would be really interesting to see what they’d say about that.

I have a hard time seeing it as anti-sports.

The league’s stance is that it has to be the center-stage for the game, and if it’s the center stage, then I don

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