When a journalist breaks the news, a new era begins

In the midst of a media crackdown that began in the United States, an unlikely collaboration has arisen.

A self-proclaimed journalist named Josh Rogin has become a source of national and international news and commentary.

Rogin says he began blogging to share his experience and knowledge of the U.S. media in the wake of the Trump presidency.

Rogin’s new website, JoshRogin.com, was created as a response to the “press blackout” that took place following the election of President Donald Trump.

In October, Rogin was on assignment in Washington, D.C. When he was asked about the shutdown of his network of newsrooms and websites, Rogins response was immediate and unequivocal: the media is dead.

“The media is gone.

It is dead,” Rogin wrote.

“I’m not going to be silenced.

I’m not just going to sit around and pretend that I’m just another blogger or a journalist.”

While the shutdown affected many media outlets, including the Associated Press, the Associated Independent, and the New York Times, it was not limited to the media.

Rogins reporting also came to the attention of a local news anchor, who asked Rogin to do an interview.

After the interview, RogIN went viral.

Within a matter of weeks, Rogoutins story had made its way to national news outlets, which quickly posted articles on his site.

“In the first few days after that, I had more than 400,000 hits,” Rogins said.

“By November, I was doing more than one interview a day.”

After the election, Rogyn’s popularity grew exponentially.

By February, he had more followers than the Daily Mail, and by March he was in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The popularity of Rogin, whose name comes from the word for “man,” began to spread to other self-described “journalists.”

Rogin said that his followers have since gone on to have their own websites and social media accounts.

“I think it’s going to become a little bit more normalized in a way because I’m kind of an outsider in the media world and they see a lot of the same faces and the same ideas that I see and see some of the things that I believe,” Rogyn said.

“They want to share it and be a part of it.”

“They’re the only people in the world that are really into this,” Roggan continued.

“They’re doing it because they care.”