Which media will be more secure: Google or Apple?

4-self-monitoring social media security has never been a major concern for the vast majority of users, but if you’re a data junkie you may find yourself more tempted to take on Apple’s Siri than Google’s Pixel phones.

Apple has been using Siri in the past for voice-activated assistants, and it has been able to tap into the vast amount of data that’s already collected from people who use the app, but Google is a little more cautious.

Google has never officially confirmed that it collects user data, but it has previously said that its “most valuable” data is “not personal information” such as email addresses and Google+ photos, which are stored in Google’s cloud.

However, a Google spokesperson told Ars that Google’s data is used “primarily to improve the Google search experience.”

Google says that “it will never give the information that Google uses to improve our products to third parties, including the companies that we use to store your information.”

Google is not the only one to use data from Apple’s apps.

Twitter has long relied on the services of Apple to share information about users, and Google has been actively using Google+ data since 2014.

However in 2015, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google was going to change its policy on sharing data from its apps.

In an internal memo, Pichais stated that Google and Twitter were going to stop “sharing user information about other companies’ services without permission.”

Google’s privacy statement states that “Google doesn’t sell any of your personal information to third party vendors” or third-party vendors will have to get permission from Google before it can share your data.

Pichas privacy statement also states that Google will stop “collecting your information when you have opted out of sharing it with Google and your personal data may be sold to third-parties outside of Google.”

Picha says that Google is “reviewing its privacy practices” but that he will not change them.

Apple, on the other hand, has been very active in using data from Google to help improve its own products.

The company has reportedly been using its services for months to improve Siri and Google Assistant, as well as Apple Maps, Apple Pay, and other Apple products.

Apple is reportedly using a similar approach to Google’s services, using data that Google already has to help with Apple’s products, and then sharing that data with third-parts outside of Apple.

Apple will also be able to share some of its data with other third- parties, such as Google or third party developers.

However the company has been a bit more cautious in how it uses Google’s products in the meantime.

“The best way to protect your privacy is to opt out,” Apple said in a statement.

“We have a strong data security policy that applies to all of our products.

We are always working to improve privacy for our users and we have a very robust data privacy policy that includes a clear opt-out process.”