Why you should read the NYT

The New York Times article Why you shouldn’t read the New York Daily News article The NY Times is no stranger to being right.

It was just last week that it published an article that, in its headline, proclaimed: “America’s Best-Selling Magazine is About to Become a Fake News Machine.”

That article was accompanied by a graphic that purported to show the NYT’s coverage of President Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

That was followed by an accompanying headline that read: “The NYT is about to become a Fake Media Machine.”

A quick glance at the article, however, reveals the NYT to be no more.

The article does not claim to be an honest, objective news organization.

Instead, it’s an outlet dedicated to making readers believe what they want to believe about the country’s political system.

As such, it was bound to have its share of false or misleading headlines and stories.

The most egregious of those headlines is titled “A Fake News Story about Trump’s Health Is About to Get the Real Story.”

The article, written by The New Yorker’s Michael Goodwin and published on November 29, 2018, is titled, “Trump Is the Most Illogical Person in the World,” and it contains numerous false statements about the president and his health.

It is also rife with misleading information about Trump.

The headline reads: “Trump’s health is so ridiculous that it’s not even newsworthy.”

This statement is false.

It’s a blatant attempt to sell readers on the notion that Trump is a paranoid schizophrenic and, as a result, must be treated as such.

It also misrepresents his health in such a way that it would be difficult for the average reader to figure out what’s going on with Trump.

One of the more notable examples of this misleading claim is the article’s claim that Trump “is in good spirits, despite the fact that he is now experiencing severe flu-like symptoms.”

The reality is that Trump has been diagnosed with pneumonia multiple times in the past.

It remains unclear whether Trump has ever been diagnosed as having flu-type symptoms.

It could be that Trump suffers from a chronic illness.

It may be that he suffers from something else entirely.

The NYTimes is no different in its use of a misleading headline.

It repeatedly uses the term “the most illogical person in the world” to describe the president.

In a headline that claims Trump “hasn’t had the flu for a year,” the NYTimes claims that Trump isn’t “a serious doctor,” and he’s not a “doctor at all.”

This headline also mischaracterizes Trump’s health as a whole.

Trump is in good health, according to the NY Times, but he’s suffering from a serious medical condition that requires treatment.

He is not a doctor at all.

It makes the NYT seem like it’s saying that Trump, or anyone else, is not serious about the care they need.

It further misrepels readers who may have questions about Trump and his medical condition.

In fact, a recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine, the medical journal that publishes The New American, notes that Trump’s “long-term health condition and the risks of chronic illness make him a particularly difficult figure to accurately portray as a doctor or a medical professional.”

The NYT’s headline is just one of the ways it has made misleading claims about Trump, but it’s certainly not the only example.

As of November 30, 2018—the day the article was published—the NYTimes had published an average of five false or inaccurate articles a day, according the organization’s Fact Checker.

The Times is the most widely read news source in the United States, and many of its articles have been published at a time when the media landscape has become increasingly partisan.

However, as The Atlantic’s Jonathan Cohn noted in his report on the New Yorker article, this may be due to its size and reach.

“The New York daily press, with its readership of millions, has the largest circulation of any media outlet in the country,” Cohn wrote.

“It also has the most readership in the nation, with nearly one in three readers reading at least one story per day.”

So, if the NYTS is so interested in making you believe that Trump needs medical attention, why aren’t other media outlets covering it?

In fact.

The New Jersey Times, the third largest paper in the state, is reporting that Trump was diagnosed with a pneumonia-like condition on September 26, 2018.

But the NYTs article on Trump’s condition doesn’t even mention that he’s been hospitalized in recent weeks.

The reason?

The NYT is publishing an article on a medical condition unrelated to Trump.

It doesn’t mention that Trump had been hospitalized for more than two weeks when it published a story on Trump that said: “He was in the hospital for more days than we could count, with no medical diagnosis or treatment.”

Trump’s physical health is a matter of public record.

The president is not required to disclose his physical condition to

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