How ‘President Trump’ was born: The birth of Donald Trump

POLITICO The President Donald Trump who is being described as “President Trump” has a very distinct set of traits that make him a unique human being and a unique personality, according to the psychologist, social psychologist, and author of The Donald Trump Effect.

Trump is born in New York City and lives with his father, Fred, and his mother, Marla Maples, and they are separated.

In a new book, The Donald Trumps Effect: How Donald Trump Changed America, author and psychologist Steven Pinker said that Trump was born to an abusive mother, who was not supportive of her children.

The children grew up in a dysfunctional family and Donald and Marla were often separated, Pinker writes.

Pinker’s book is about the life of Trump’s mother, a woman who is now considered the “Father Trump” by many.

“Marla was a woman with a very powerful voice, but she was also a woman of limited resources who relied on the men around her to support her,” Pinker wrote.

Her influence was felt by the children, Pinkers claims, but the trauma of the separation was “the ultimate trauma for Donald and his siblings.”

Pinkers book details how, while the Trump family lived in the middle class neighborhood of Queens, Queens, New York, Marl was also the one who made sure their father was financially stable and they got to go to school.

Marla made the decision to go into business selling shoes, according the book, and the children were taught that if they were not successful, they could go back to school and be a success.

When Trump was an infant, Pinkes book describes, he “lived in a fantasy world of prosperity,” where he “was a star,” and he would make money through his business.

At the age of 12, Pinkering describes, Trump became a star with his own private jet and later made his fortune by running for the New York city mayoralty.

His family eventually moved to Washington, D.C., and he had a career that lasted until the end of his father’s presidency, Pinkerman says.

Despite Trump’s success and power in business, Pinkett says that the young Trump had an inferiority complex.

He was insecure about his social standing, Pinkernet says.

Pinkernert writes that Trump believed that “it was the job of the politician to fix the problems, not to fix their problems.”

When Pinker was a child, he often said that the world needed more women in politics, the psychologist says.

 Trump’s parents separated when he was in his teens, and Pinker claims that they had two children together, Ivanka and Donald Jr., who were raised in a home with two mothers and a father.

Pinker describes the separation as “unfair” and says that it led to “a very volatile relationship between the mother and the child.”

“She would take Donald to her parents’ home, where he’d sleep on a couch and be fed a bowl of cereal,” Pinkerman writes.

“She would go to bed at night, and he’d wake up in the morning feeling hungry.

She would often take him to her place in the house, where she’d sit on a chair, turn on the television, and play video games.”

Pinkers son, Barron, was also raised by his mother and was bullied by his father.

Pinker says that Trump had a “very clear view of the world” and would “play with a toy.”

Barron was often called names by his older brothers, including “Bobby,” Pinkers book claims. 

The book also includes a section about Trump’s father, who is “often described as a narcissistic bully.”

He has a “highly developed sense of entitlement, a belief that he is superior to others,” Pinkermus writes.

Pinkermuse says that he was “often seen as a failure by his parents.”

The book describes how Trump was not only “very successful in business,” but he was also “trying to make it look as if he was better than he was” when he “wore the pantsuits of his business.”

Pinkermuss says that his father was “always very proud of his accomplishments.”

Trump’s business empire has grown dramatically in the years since his father died in 1995.

His businesses include the Trump SoHo, which has an annual sales of $400 million and a market value of more than $20 billion, and Mar-a-Lago, which was purchased for $4.4 billion in 2012.

Pinkermus claims that Trump “has made millions from the Trump brand” and that “Trump has also made millions of dollars from the media and the media is not very good at reporting the truth about Trump.”

Donald Trump was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama in 2013.

Donald and Melania Trump and their children Ivanka, Barron and Eric Trump attend a campaign rally at

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