Why the CBC and CBC News have turned away readers, critics say

AUSTRALIA’s public broadcaster has turned away a significant chunk of its readership after being accused of being a mouthpiece for the government.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is not getting enough funding to cover the cost of covering the election and its aftermath, the ABC’s executive director Andrew Coates told the ABC News Breakfast.

“It’s hard to put into words,” he said.

“But we’re just seeing a lot of readers turn their back on us.”

The ABC has received more than $1.7 billion in funding since it was launched in 1997.

The organisation is now Australia’s second-largest media company after News Corp.

Mr Coates said he was not surprised the broadcaster was turning away a lot more of its viewers.

“We’ve got some really hard times in the country right now,” he told the program.

“The Australian economy is really in recession, unemployment is skyrocketing and we’re seeing more and more people turn their backs on the ABC.”

I don’t think the ABC is seeing the benefits of having a strong community and the ability to connect with people.

“The news program was also asked why it had chosen to keep a small staff in its Perth studio, rather than using it to report on the election.”

A big part of our DNA is to be able to have a small team of people to do that,” Mr Coates replied.”

And in a lot and we do need that to happen and that’s where our staff are. “I don

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