When you’re on a diet, it’s better to be on a social media platform than to have it all on your phone

A few years ago, we had to go on a food challenge, a food-sugar-free diet, because we were so fat.

We had to eat a lot of sugar-free breads, sweets and fast food.

We were on a total diet.

We wanted to lose weight.

Then, I was watching a film about a dietitian who lost 20kg in five months.

He said that you can lose 10kg in one week, and if you can do it in a month, you can also lose 10,000kg.

That’s a huge accomplishment.

I was eating like, 100 calories a day.

Now, if you don’t eat sugar-laden food like sweets, fast food, and bread, it will make your life harder.

My life has improved dramatically.

I am eating much more healthy food.

In the past, I used to eat 10 to 20 times more than the food I eat now.

I was always eating fast food and sweets.

Today, I eat more healthy, whole food.

That has made my life much easier.

You have to learn to do that.

The first time I had a problem with my body was when I was a kid.

When I was young, I could not eat sweets or fast food because I had to get dressed up and get dressed out in front of other kids.

I didn’t want to be bullied.

I would often have to hide in my room or take out my phone and take pictures to show everyone what I looked like.

My parents didn’t know what I was doing.

The kids used to bully me.

They would say, “You can’t do that, you’re too fat”.

I used a lot to be a social misfit.

I used not to speak to anybody.

I had trouble communicating with people.

I also had trouble with the idea of not doing things.

I got bullied.

When we had a child, we didn’t let our children grow up to be people that others look up to.

Now we know how to be happy.

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