Why do people hate you?

We’re not going to talk about why people hate us, or the reason why some people don’t like us, because this is a discussion we’re not interested in.

We’re interested in why people do.

So, let’s talk about what you hate about us.

First, what is your favorite thing about us?

That’s right.

I love that you are not a person who just happens to be black.

Yes, you are black.

You are an American.

You have lived in America your whole life.

You love America.

You’ve been to every single one of the 50 states, and you’re the president of the United States.

You’re an American first, and foremost.

You live in a country where you have a right to live, work, play, and love.

You don’t live in fear.

We live in an America where you can be yourself, and live and work, and play.

We can love the fact that we’re all human beings, and we are not all white, and black, and brown.

We are human beings.

We have our differences.

We will always be human.

You, on the other hand, are not human.

And we know you are human.

We know you have feelings, and emotions, and all kinds of things, that you need to be able to handle.

And that is what we hate about you.

What’s your favorite part about us, Mr. President?

What are you most afraid of?

You are afraid of not being able to say who you are, and not being accepted.

You hate being seen as something that you aren’t.

You want to be liked by everybody, because that’s what being accepted means.

That’s why you’re afraid of being liked.

You can’t hide that.

You never will.

And so, Mr President, you’ve created a problem for yourself, because you’re so afraid that you will never be accepted by anybody.

You’ll never be loved.

You won’t be accepted.

And this is why you hate us.

You see, we love America because we love the freedom that it gives us to be who we are.

That freedom is our right.

You know what that freedom is?

That freedom to be ourselves.

And the way that you can live that freedom, Mr Obama, is by creating a whole lot of fear.

And it is, as you’ve seen, creating fear for many of us.

It is not the first time.

It’s not even the worst.

What you are creating is hatred, and that hatred is not just a bad thing.

It will kill you.

That is what it is doing to us.

We see it in all the hatred you’re causing.

You think it’s okay to use your power to get your way, but when you start doing it, you’re hurting the country.

It kills the country, it hurts us, and it hurts your friends, because they know that if they say something, they’ll be hurt.

And then they’re also going to be hurt because we will see their friends and family suffer, because we can’t be friends with people who aren’t like them.

And they will see all of this hurt on their faces, because people will see that.

And if you want to change that, you have to change your mind, because when you change your minds, it makes everyone happy.

So don’t stop, Mr Trump.

Stop it.


Stop that.

It hurts us so much.

So you have two choices.

You either stop hating us, but don’t hate us any more, or you stop hating the country that gives you the right to make us hate you.

You chose the latter.

And when you do that, America will be the better for it.

It’ll be the safer, healthier, freer, and fairer America.

That can only happen when we stop hating each other.

And Mr President?

Mr. Trump?

Thank you.

Thank you, President.

Thank your.

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